Data Center Cooling Design and Installation

Data center cooling systems transport or remove unwanted heat from IT equipment. There are fundamental heat removal methods which transfer/ exchange hot air from the equipment.

Computer Room Air Conditioner (CRAC) – is a self-contained, large air conditioning unit that sucks heated air off of the equipment, then delivers air over refrigerant cooling coils and distributes the cold air back to the equipment.

Computer Room Air Handler (CRAH)– similar to CRAC except it uses only fans and sometimes chilled water to cool the equipment.

The floor plays an important role in the distribution of the cooled air. If the data center is to be built on a concrete floor then the cooling can be forced from above, while a raised floor can force the chilled air from perforated tiles. An efficient method to regulate the exchange of hot and cold is with hot and cold isle containment. This ensures the cold air reaches the intended units.

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